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Our Company

For over 15 years, we have built a solid reputation in the medical and pharmaceutical field.

PharmaMed is registered as a pharmaceutical and medical supply wholesaler distributor in the state of Florida, approved and supervised by the Department of Health in compliance with the Section 499 of the Florida Statutes.

Our President has a vast experience in the pharmaceutical field. He is convinced on helping others and being honest as the key for success in our business.

PharmaMed is committed to provide quality service to the community. We believe that a reputation as an honest and reliable business is the recipe for success.

Our main core is to find all kind of pharmaceutical branded or generic products that best fit our customer needs, at the best prices.

Through our experience, we have learned and implemented processes that supports efficiently what we need, to move and change dynamically with the market and customers’ needs. We know our customers, and we have a strong believe that understanding your customer is the best way to serve them.

We are well known by our suppliers, our suppliers recognized us for our integrity and reliability to do business with and we are dedicated and open to communicate and find the best solutions together for our customers.
Security in our procedures and organization, lead us to a reliable process of selling any type of pharmaceuticals, complying with all rules and regulations required by superior entities in the US government.

Our officers understand the needs of the market, and they are committed in doing business according to those needs, always in a responsible way.

We know the limitations of our patients to the access of some medicines, and we feel responsible with the community to provide the channels where these medicines can be accessible to them in a proper time for its treatments. Pharmamed has developed relationships with bio medical and pharmaceutical partners that support and engage in the resolution of these issues.

We understand Globalization as part of world development and as an important part of our business, this is why we currently have partners in several countries in all 5 continents, such as Canada, Europe, UK, India, Turkey and Australia, that can respond and find solutions to the different needs of our patients and our customers.

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