Our Patients

We feel responsible for our patients’ lives, this is why we have sources we can offer to our patients and our customers with the products they need.

We currently have partners in  Canada, Europe, UK,  India, Turkey, and Australia that can respond and find solutions to the different needs of our patients and our customers.

Orphan Drugs / Unregistered products: We have created a master team that sources around the world those medicines not registered in the country and not yet approved by a major healthcare institution that save patients lives. Pharmamed master team has the experience opening doors to these products by communicating and following the right channels in a timely manner to satisfy patient needs.


Specialty Medicines:  We know the limitations of our patients to the access of some medicines, and we feel responsible with the community to provide the channels where these medicines can be accessible to them in a proper time for its treatments. Pharmamed has developed relationships with bio medical and pharmaceutical partners that support and are engaged in the resolution of these issues.