Our Company


As distributors we efficiently supply our customers lifesaving products that help human lives and improve communities to stay safe.

We are leaders in the sourcing and distribution of USA made products, FDA approved, with a unique service in our industry.

…We add value on every step of the channel by integrating our experience and our dedication

Our role in the industry is to create value beyond distribution and service alone.

We evolve, support our community, and the environment by carefully choosing our packaging and distribution materials.

Our Company has over 20 years of experience, sourcing USA made drugs directly from manufactures and trusted pharmaceutical wholesalers to distribute to our customers.

Our Company not only purchase pharmaceuticals, we are committed to understanding our customers and their regulations to better fulfill their demands. We have traveled to meet and learn the customer’s needs and what requirements are in each border.

Our Company can communicate clearly and respond in a timely manner because we already have learned from experience how to handle surprises and resolve unexpected situations.

Through the years we are trusted for our transparency and our commitment to our customers and our suppliers.

Precision is everything when it comes to efficient distribution and we focus on:
Allowing customer to make changes
Inventory management
In tracking receiving, put-away and picking
Visibility on warehouse inventory
As a distributor we not only have a warehouse, we have a Distribution Center.
  • We not only store products, we offer a value-added services like sourcing, purchasing, product verification and authentication, order fulfillment, cross docking, packaging etc.
  • A distribution center stores products for relatively lesser periods compared to a warehouse. So, basically the flow velocity through the distribution center is much greater than the flow velocity through a warehouse. We offer flexible and faster times of operations.
  •  A distribution center is customer-centric and is the bridge between a supplier and its customers. While the role of a warehouse is to store products efficiently, the role of distribution centers is to efficiently meet customer requirements.
  • The operations at a distribution center is much more complex than that at a warehouse. As a result, the distribution centers are equipped with latest technology for order processing, warehouse management, transportation management etc.
The importance of warehouses in supply chain has change and the distribution centers have now emerged as the nerve centers of the modern supply chains, and our company has adapted to better serve our customers. We have evolved and have an specialized our distribution center to meet the requirements of different products and countries legislations.
  • Cold general facility to refrigerate or freeze the products in transit an maintain its stability
  • Specific safety equipment
  • Secure installations
  • Flexible space for operational and safe work environment
100% A/C facility
24 hours Security
Temperature controlled environment
Next to Airport and Easy Access
Controlled Substances Vault
Our People
Our Mission is to create the best customer experience using our knowledge and available resources.

• International and multicultural Team.
• We speak your language
• International Backgrounds

Diversity matters:  Diversity and inclusion are not departments, efforts, or projects. They’re how we live, what we respect, and a fundamental aspect of our success.

We bring a fresh perspective and energy to every client relationship. Our emphasis on teamwork, trust and tolerance for diverging opinions helps clients focus on their opportunities, build their capabilities, and win the future.


We believe that increasingly complex challenges demand people with both deeper expertise and the ability to engage joyously across disciplines, lines of business, and borders.

Meet Our People

In our team, you will find passionate, collaborative people who care for you and your success. We work alongside you every step of the way, helping your business take confident strides toward its full potential.

SILUETAS_Mesa de trabajo 1
Julian Lopera – CEO
SILUETAS_Mesa de trabajo 1 copia
Paula Morato
SILUETAS_Mesa de trabajo 1
Yunior Albornoz
SILUETAS_Mesa de trabajo 1
Yunier Rodriguez
Logistics Operations
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Maria A. Charris
Business Development
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Devin Bleich
SILUETAS_Mesa de trabajo 1
Carolina Patiño
Account Manager
SILUETAS_Mesa de trabajo 1
Claudio Oliveira
Account Manager
Our Experience
  • Over 20 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Extensive Buying and sourcing Experience
  • Product Handling
  • Shipping and Handling

Our Company was built on a legacy of more than 20 years of experience in product sourcing and wholesale distribution. Our intercultural knowledge has excelled a leadership in service.

We impact millions of lives by applying innovation and service toward the people.

In Our Company we take pride in the knowledge and expertise that we have gained from working on many challenging but rewarding projects with many different companies.