Our services

Our services



- FDA Approved products
- USA made products
- Medical Supplies, OTC, R/X, and controlled Medicines
- Major Manufacturers and Distributors in USA
- DEA Export License for Controlled Drugs Schedule II, III, IV and V.
- OTC with Marketing License in USA

Managed Access Programs

Pharmamed collaborates closely with American manufacturers and distributors to facilitate the supply of investigational or unapproved drugs to providers, enabling them to provide treatment to their patients. Within the terminology of managed access, various locally defined mechanisms are found, such as "Compassionate Use," "Expanded Access," "Temporary Authorization (ATU)," "Named Patient Supply," among others.


- Tailored process for your needs
- Customized Process to facilitate your customer requirements
- 24 hours Security System
- Temperature controlled environment
- Background check with all personnel

Named Patient Supply

In a context where the provision of healthcare becomes imperative, professionals in the sector face the challenge of ensuring treatments for patients who require drugs not locally available. Whether these medications have not yet been launched in their country, have been discontinued, or simply are scarce, doctors and pharmacists are compelled to source and administer specific therapies for each patient, often under critical and urgent conditions.
For 10 years, Pharmamed has been the trusted reference for these healthcare professionals. We understand the inherent urgency of each situation and act with diligence and security to expedite the timely delivery of these essential treatments, thus ensuring that patients receive the care they deserve at the precise moment.


We firmly believe that all supply chain solutions should encompass the wider process to include business and product planning through transport, manufacturing, value added services, cost, time, customers, and our internal processes.

Our Company deliver traceability for every step of the transaction in a Multi-Level Trace feature, which automatically traces each step of the transaction from the shipping documents received by the customer to the initial purchase order sent to the vendor. We can conduct quick and precise practice runs and actual recalls, while maintaining total compliance with all FDA requirements. This enables our customers to meet rigorous qualifications through data validation, including compliance with the DSCSA rules.


Through the years we are trusted for our transparency and our commitment to our customers and our suppliers.